Supermarket mall traffic Statistics Chain dedicated infrared Customer Counter wireless people counter

Supermarket mall traffic Statistics Chain dedicated infrared Customer Counter wireless people counter
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EPEVER 12V 24V MPPT 30A Solar Controller Original Dry Contact Design Solar Regulator with Real-time Energy Statistics Function


 Tracer-CN/EM1 series adopts common negative design and advanced MPPT control algorithm, and introduces original dry contact design to achieve the switch of external equipment. The integration design not only replaces traditional electrical design using external relay, what is more can achieve multiple control modes and working modes, it can be widely used in household system, field monitoring and communication station etc.


Ÿ Original dry contact design, achieve the switch of external equipment

Ÿ Multiple dry contact control mode, local, remote and cross- network

Ÿ Multiple dry contact working modes: manual control, light ON/OFF, light ON+timer and time control

Ÿ High tracking efficiency no less than 99.5%

Ÿ Peak conversion efficiency of 97.5%, full-load efficiency of 96%

Ÿ Accurately recognizing and tracking of multiple power points.

Ÿ Battery temperature compensation function

Ÿ Real-time energy statistics function

Ÿ RS485 port with industrial standard MODBUS open architecture

Ÿ Fully programmable function via PC software or remote meter

Ÿ Support software upgrade.


Electrical Parameters                                                                 

Item                Model



Nominal system voltage

12/24VDC Auto

Battery input voltage range


Rated charge current



Max. PV input power



Max. PV open circuit voltage

92V(at 25C environment temperature)

100V(at minimum operating environment temperature)

MPP Voltage range

(Battery voltage+2V)~72V

Dry contact control range


Communication Voltage


Battery Type



20mA/12V; 23mA/24V

Temperature compensate coefficient


Working environment temperature





<95% (N.C.)


Common negative




Mounting dimension


Mounting hole size






Power Terminals






1. Charge LED Indicator

2. Battery LED Indicator
3. Dry Contact Switch Button
4. RTS Port  (Connection for a RTS (Remote Temperature Sensor) to remotely detect battery temperature.)
5. PV Terminals
6. Battery Terminals
7. Remote Button Port
8. Dry Contact Port
9. RS-485 Port (12VDC) : Monitor controller by PC, remote meter MT70 or via RS485 (RJ45 interface)


1.3 Optional Accessories

1) Remote Temperature Sensor (Model:RTS300R47K3.81A)

Acquisition of battery temperature for undertaking temperature compensation of control parameters, the standard length of the cable is 3m (length can be customized). The RTS300R47K3.81A connects to the port  on the controller.

NOTE: Unplug the RTS, the temperature of battery will be set to a fixed value 25ºC.

2) USB to RS-485 converter cable (Model:CC-USB-RS485-150U-3.81)

USB To RS-485 converter cable is used to monitor each controller on the network using Solar Station PC software. The length of cable is 1.5m. The cable connects to the port  on the controller.

3) OTG cable (Model: OTG-12CM)

The USB To RS-485 converter cable and the OTG cable are used to view and modify the working mode and the parameters using the APP software. The USB To RS-485 converter cable connects to the port  on the controller.

1.4 Maximum Power Point Tracking Technology

Due to the nonlinear characteristics of solar array, there is a maximum energy output point (Max Power Point) on its curve. Traditional controllers, with switch charging technology and PWM charging technology, can’t charge the battery at the maximum power point, so can’t harvest the maximum energy available from PV array, but the solar charge controller with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Technology can lock on the point to harvest the maximum energy and deliver it to the battery.

The MPPT algorithm of our company continuously compares and adjusts the operating points to attempt to locate the maximum power point of the array. The tracking process is fully automatic and does not need user adjustment.

As the Figure 1-2, the curve is also the characteristic curve of the array, the MPPT technology will ‘boost’ the battery charge current through tracking the MPP. Assuming 100% conversion efficiency of the solar system, in that way, the following formula is established:


Normally, the VMppis always higher than VBat, Due to the principle of conservation of energy, the IBat is always higher than IPV. The greater the discrepancy between VMpp&VBat, the greater the discrepancy between IPV&IBat. The greater the discrepancy between array and battery,the bigger reduction of the conversion efficiency of the system, thus the controller’s conversion efficiency is particularly important in the PV system.

Figure 1-2 is the maximum power point curve, the shaded area is charging range of traditional solar charge controller (PWM Charging Mode), it can obviously diagnose that the MPPT mode can improve the usage of the solar energy resource. According to our test, the MPPT controller can raise 20%-30% efficiency compared to the PWM controller. (Value maybe fluctuant due to the influence of the ambient circumstance and energy loss.)


Figure 1-2 Maximum Power Point Curve

In actual application, as shading from cloud, tree and snow, the panel maybe appear Multi-MPP, but in actually there is only one real Maximum Power Point. As the below Figure 1-3 shows:


If the program works improperly after appearing Multi-MPP, the system will not work on the real max power point, which may waste most solar energy resources and seriously affect the normal operation of the system. The typical MPPT algorithm, designed by our company, can track the real MPP quickly and accurately, improve the utilization rate of the array and avoid the waste of resources.

1.5 Battery Charging Stage

The controller has a 3 stages battery charging algorithm (Bulk Charging, Constant Charging and Float Charging) for rapid, efficient, and safe battery charging.


Figure 1-4Battery changing stage Curve

A) Bulk Charging

In this stage, the battery voltage has not yet reached constant voltage (Equalize or Boost Voltage), the controller operates in constant current mode, delivering its maximum current to the batteries (MPPT Charging).

B) Constant Charging

When the battery voltage reaches the constant voltage setpoint, the controller will start to operate in constant charging mode, this process is no longer MPPT charging, and in the meantime the charging current will drop gradually, the process is not the MPPT charging. The Constant Charging has 2 stages, equalize and boost. These two stages are not carried out constantly in a full charge process to avoid too much gas precipitation or overheating of battery.


Example Model: Tracer3210CN/EM1  

Solar Module MPP Voltage(17V, 30V, 36V) / Nominal System Voltage(12V) 


 Solar Module MPP Voltage(36V, 52V) / Nominal System Voltage(24V)



Direct store BLE





Tracer2210CN 5 Tracer2210CN 6   



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